Pure Thai Cookhouse

PURE Thai Cookhouse is a genuine Thai shophouse-style restaurant in NYC's Hell's Kitchen that features homemade noodles from a prized family recipe.

Today's Special

Snack: **Koong Pao

Grilled wild deep sea red shrimps with recau, cilantro, shallot served with fresh chili lime juice and tamarind chili sauce

Main: **Kang Pa Nue

Homemade chili paste in beef broth with beef skirt steak, chayote, asparagus, long bean, shitake mushroom, Thai chili, basil served with jasmine rice & crab meat omelette


Noodle: **Kao Soi Kai

Braised Perdue chicken with flat egg noodle, Granny Smith apple, pickle mustard greens, crispy shallot and bean sprout in turmeric curry coconut milk


Dessert: Pumpkin Custard

Pumpkin custard with coconut sticky rice 



Spiciness adjustable upon request for select dishes. 
Please inform us of any allergies. We are anti msg.