Pure Thai Cookhouse

PURE Thai Cookhouse is a genuine Thai shophouse-style restaurant in NYC's Hell's Kitchen that features homemade noodles from a prized family recipe.

Today's Special

Appetizer: ** Yum Moo Yang

Grilled marinated pork with green mango, endive, recau, shallot, Asian celery, cashew nut and fresh chili lime juice


Main: ** Neau Pad Khing Sod

Wok beef with fresh ginger, oyster mushroom, long hot chili, Asparagus, scallion, collard green and garlic oyster sauce served over jasmine rice and crab meat omelette

$ 17

Main: ** Bangkok Noodle Tom Yum

Thin rice noodle with ocean prawn, calamari, poached egg, minced pork, sliced pork, water spinach, bean sprouts, peanut, cilantro, scallion and chili lime in pork broth

$ 15


* Mild | ** Medium | *** Spicy




Spiciness adjustable upon request for select dishes. 
Please inform us of any allergies. We are anti msg.